The Houston Rockets were thrilled to walk away from the NBA Draft with Jalen Green, who absolutely lit up the G League Ignite in his lone season after high school. The talented  Green is set to thrive with the Rockets, and he joined Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports in an exclusive interview.

In the process, Green talked about his desire to be the top overall pick but added a little jab at the city of Detroit and the Pistons in the process.

“I wanted to be the No. 1 pick, but as for location, I didn't want to be in Detroit….I felt a lot more comfortable in Houston. It felt like a real homie environment. With Detroit, it felt like I was just going back to the G League bubble, and I just got out of the bubble. That’s pretty much what it was.”

Well, Green got his wish of not going to Detroit, although there were rumblings of a possible trade involving the Rockets jumping up to take Cade Cunningham, which would have landed Green with the Pistons.

But, the Pistons and Rockets stayed put and went Cunningham and Green one and two, respectively. Now, Green is happy to be in Houston, despite wanting to be the top draft pick in the class.

The Rockets young squad suddenly has a huge surge of talent and there is a lot to like regarding the future of the franchise.