Russell Westbrook has been a major source of headlines over the past couple of days after it was revealed that the former MVP wants out of the Houston Rockets. There were also rumors about Westbrook's unwillingness to play alongside James Harden in Houston — something Westbrook himself vehemently denies.

It was renowned ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith who spoke about Westbrook's desire to not be Harden's teammate next season. The Rockets point guard couldn't take the slander anymore, and he decided to make his feelings known on social media:

First off, a happy birthday to Westbrook, who turned 32 on Thursday. We hope you had a good one, Russ, as the next couple of weeks is likely going to be tough.

Based on Westbrook's statement above, it appears that his motivation to jump ship from the Rockets does not stem solely from wanting to part ways with Harden. While it may be one of the reasons, it seems that Westbrook's qualms run much deeper than this. It is worth noting, however, that previous reports also state that these two stars clashed heads throughout the season.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Westbrook is not going to be a Rocket for very long. His trade demands have already gone (very) public, and it seems that we have gotten to a point of no return. There has been no shortage of interest for the nine-time All-Star, and it will be interesting to see what kind of package the Rockets may get in return.