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The reason Rockets guard John Wall agreed to sit out this season

John Wall, Jalen Green, Houston Rockets, Kevin Porter Jr.

Houston Rockets guard John Wall has not played a single minute this season. He agreed to sit out the entire year after hearing the Rockets’ plans on developing their young backcourt in Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr., meaning that he would have minimal playing time, per Marc Stein of The Stein Line.

Houston still wishes to trade the former All-Star for a decent return, but it hasn’t been easy. Over the next two seasons, Wall will make $91.7 million, making it very difficult to find viable trade candidates. Additionally, the Kentucky product has faced various injuries, including the achilles tendon, which could be harming his value.

By keeping Wall on the sidelines, the Rockets can make sure that the injury-prone guard will not lower his desirability even more. Moreover, the team wants to formulate a new era where Porter Jr. and second overall pick Jalen Green could lead Houston to success. Without James Harden and Russell Westbrook, the Rockets want a fresh start.

Getting rid of John Wall could be very difficult, but the former Wizard has shown that he can still play at a decent level. In forty games last season, the point guard averaged 20.6 points, 6.9 assists, and 3.6 rebounds, something that various teams could utilize.

Without Wall, the Rockets have been abysmal, to say the least. They are 2-16, and had a 15 game losing streak until a win against the Bulls a couple days ago. Though Green and Porter Jr. are getting heavy minutes, Houston definitely needs more pieces around them to become competitive.