The Houston Rockets have already made a number of changes to their roster this summer, but now a different kind of change may be coming to the franchise soon.

It's being reported that team owner Leslie Alexander has put up the team for sale and is currently looking for a buyer that is willing to take over the organization, confirmed by CEO Tad Brown. The good news for the Houston faithful is that he wants the next owner or ownership team to keep the Rockets in the city.

The Rockets have been a successful franchise in the NBA, winning two championships in their history. Their current team features James Harden and newly-acquired point guard Chris Paul, who are expected to lead their charge this coming season and continue their five-year streak of playoff appearances.

Their much improved lineup could be a big reason why Alexander has decided that this is the best time to sell his team. With two superstars and a very formidable group of role players the Rockets could be very appealing to prospective buyers, as the promise of success in the coming years could bring in a lot of value and further increase its value.

The development may not affect the players that much, especially if general manager Daryl Morey and company will continue to run their daily operations. However, Alexander is known to have good relationships with his employees, so they'll surely be saddened by his departure.