Cade Cunningham is in many mind the consensus number one prospect for the 2021 NBA Draft. The Detroit Pistons will have first crack at making a decision in the draft, holding the No. 1 pick. After that, sits the Houston Rockets who are just as high on Cunningham as most teams are.

While the Rockets are just one slot behind the Pistons in the draft, the move from No. 2 to No. 1 would cost a lot including future picks. According to The Athletic, it's something Houston is waffling with but might not view as being in the best interest of the franchise.

According to league sources, it’s believed the Rockets have been fixated on Cunningham but don’t believe in offering up to Detroit what it would take to move into the top spot. That leaves them just deciding to pick the next best player at No. 2, right? Not necessarily. Houston could look to trade out of No. 2 in exchange for a more definite young star, i.e. someone already in the league. But league sources also have echoed sentiments that Houston could throw a lot of stuff out into the ether and see if it spurs any kind of rush toward offering the Rockets unbalanced trades in Houston’s favor. Confusion is the name of the game right now. – The Athletic.

While it could be chalk at No. 1 with the Pistons taking Cunningham, the real party could begin with the Rockets sitting on that No. 2 pick. If Cunningham goes one as expected, it sounds like Houston is exploring all their options.

It will be fascinating to see if another team values Jalen Suggs, Evan Mobley or Jalen Green to the point of trading the Rockets a young promising player with star potential to move up. That's if Houston opts not to try and move up themselves.