The atmosphere in Budapest on Wednesday night was filled with a mix of disappointment and frustration, as Roma‘s Europa League dreams were shattered in a heartbreaking penalty shootout against Sevilla. The defeat not only marked their first loss in a European final, but also left their renowned manager, José Mourinho, pondering his future at the club. In a post-match interview, the Portuguese coach expressed his discontent with the referee's decisions, referring to them as a “scandal” and accusing Anthony Taylor of officiating “like a Spaniard.”

Despite the defeat, Mourinho maintained that he and his team exited the pitch with their heads held high. Reflecting on the match, he lamented, “I'm tired of always being the one who claims we've been robbed.” However, the coach refused to commit to continuing as Roma's coach and demanded changes within the club. He asserted that he had not engaged in any discussions with other teams regarding his future.

“I can’t say I will be here next season,” Jose Mourinho said, per The Guardian. “I will go on holiday on Monday, then we will speak. I told the owners I will tell them if I start talks with another club. As of now no other club called me. It is time for me to talk to the owners. It is time for the owners to talk to me.”

Roma's loss to Sevilla is a hard enough pill to swallow, but potentially losing Jose Mourinho as well would be another big blow. Mourinho has done good work with Roma during his two seasons with the club, but it's clear they still have some growing to do. Whether or not that growth will come with Mourinho leading the way remains to be seen, as it appears his future with the Italian giants may be in doubt.