According to the latest rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers are not interested in signing Carmelo Anthony — who is expected to part ways with the Houston Rockets soon.

As per Marc Spears in an appearance on The Jump on ESPN, teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers or the Miami Heat might be interested in acquiring Anthony. But he took the Lakers out of the picture:

“I’d keep my eye on Miami, Philly. Philly’s interested. I am hearing that, not the Lakers. I think the Lakers are done.”

This is contrary to speculations that LeBron James — one of Anthony's closest friends — might want to team up with him for the first time. After all, James teamed up with another close friend of his — Dwyane Wade, and they won two rings together.

However, things are vastly different now. James is still well within his prime and is busy leading the Purple and Gold's young core.

Carmelo Anthony, meanwhile, has obviously lost a step ever since his final season with the New York Knicks. His stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder was an experiment gone wrong. This has also been the case with the Rockets.

Though the Rockets have denied the reports that they're waiving Anthony, rumors continue to pop out, saying that the 10-time All-Star's agents are now approaching other teams for a possible signing.