The Golden State Warriors were stunned by a dominating performance from the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. But one Thunder player was stunned himself.

That would be Steven Adams, who was kicked between the legs by Draymond Green. After the game, Green told reporters that he didn’t even know he had kicked Adams until he saw a replay, and that it wasn’t intentional. Coach Steve Kerr backed up his power forward, saying he expects the flagrant-1 foul given to Green to be rescinded because contact happens all the time. Kerr even went so far as to call out Russell Westbrook for creating contact on his shots, and Thunder point guard weighed in on the incident in the postgame press conference:

On Monday, Green responded directly to Westbrook’s comments. He corroborated Kerr’s remarks about Westbrook initiating contact.

The NBA has yet to make a ruling on the play, but with the CavaliersDahntay Jones recently receiving a one-game suspension for his actions in the Eastern Conference Finals, it is likely that Green could also face a suspension.

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