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Ryan Hollins tweets that he’s a ‘hobo’ who will play for food, threatens NBA exposé if not signed

Ryan Hollins is an NBA journeyman, having played for nine franchises over 10 years in the league. After being waived by the Grizzlies this season, he’s now looking for a new team to play for, and apparently is getting desperate.

The NBA veteran posted a string of tweets on Tuesday about being a ‘hobo’ before thinking better of it and deleting them. The first tweet read:

“Will play for food#basketball”

The follow-up:

“Hobo Hollins here: Remember kids, even if you play 8 seconds, you still get that game check!”

He then threatened an exposé on NBA road life:

“If I don’t get picked up next year…I’m writing a tell-all book about the NBA life on the road…#imeaneverything”

Hollins finally ended his rant with one that he didn’t feel the need to delete:


However, it was eventually revealed that the whole thing was merely a prank. Hollins took it in stride:

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