The New Orleans Saints might be sitting at 2-1 on the season, but their run game has been poor. That's why Week 4 is no better time for star RB Alvin Kamara to return from his suspension for his involvement in an incident at the Pro Bowl back in February of 2022.

Monday was the official day Kamara was reinstated by the NFL and his reaction was absolutely priceless:

I'm not completely sure where this video is from but it's basically an inmate getting out of prison. Kamara puts his head on the inmate where he then shakes hands with his friend (Dennis Allen) and his other buddy (Derek Carr). Pretty hilarious.

The Saints offense ranks 25th in the league right now with 17.7 points per game. They're rushing for just 93.3 yards per contest which ranks 22nd in the NFL. Jamaal Williams, who was taking most of the snaps in the New Orleans backfield, just went on the injured reserve. Tony Jones and Kendre Miller meanwhile haven't exactly been great.

Alvin Kamara is still one of the best running backs in the game and with Derek Carr potentially out for Week 4 due to a shoulder injury, they're going to need Kamara to really step up and produce. While his numbers have regressed, the 28-year-old still ran for four yards per carry in 2022 including a pair of touchdowns. The hope is he can hit the ground running this Sunday.

The Saints face the perfect 2-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers next weekend. Jameis Winston will probably start at QB.