Cam Jordan will forever be a member of the New Orleans Saints. The star edge rusher has always been linked to trade rumors, but the star was never traded. Now, Jordan made a big move that might secure his spot on the Saints'  all-time team. Jordan signed a new two-year deal with New Orleans recently. After signing this deal, Jordan sent a message to the New Orleans faithful that will make fans excited, per Katherine Terrell.

Cam Jordan: “I don't see myself, and luckily I don't ever think I'll have to see myself as anything other than Black and Gold.”

Jordan was part of a 2011 draft that featured many terrors on the defensive line. Von Miller, JJ Watt, and Robert Quinn are just some of the names that were taken in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft. Jordan was taken by the Saints with the 24th pick, and it's fair to say that New Orleans isn't regretting this pick one bit.

A steady presence on the defensive line, Jordan has 115.5 sacks in his 11 seasons with the Saints. Last season, Jordan had 8.5 sacks while missing just one game. His glory days as a 15.5 sack contributor are behind him, but he's still someone that commands attention. When you're trying to get to the quarterback, having someone like Jordan is always great.

The Saints are looking to be the one that takes over a mediocre-at-best NFC South. On paper, they should be the ones that should take the division by storm. As long as Jordan and the defense performs to their usual standard, they should be just fine.