Saints news: Cameron Jordan fined a total of over $38K for separate hits vs. Panthers
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Saints DE Cameron Jordan fined a total of over $38K for separate hits against Panthers

Cameron Jordan

The New Orleans Saints were able to defeat the Atlanta Falcons on Thanksgiving but there are still repercussions being handed out for their previous game against the Carolina Panthers. A week after the game took place, Cameron Jordan has been fined a total of over $38k for separate hits that he made versus the Panthers.

In the game against the Panthers, Jordan was penalized for unnecessary roughness twice. The biggest one came when the veteran defensive end delivered a forearm to Panthers’ quarterback, Kyle Allen after the whistle was blown.

Jordan explained that he was just trying to dislodge the ball from Allen, hence why he swiped at the quarterback. By watching the video of the play, his story seems to check out.

To some, the video shows Jordan striking Allen in the chest while swiping for the ball. With it coming after the play was blown dead, the NFL chose to fine Jordan for his penalties.

Still, the NFL reviewed the incidents and deemed both of them as finable offenses. There’s likely a chance that Jordan decides to appeal his fines from the NFL in the near future.

So far this season, Jordan has had a remarkable season, tallying a career-high 13.5 sacks, 13 tackles for loss, and 22 quarterback hits. Just a few days ago on Thanksgiving, Jordan was able to bring Matt Ryan to the ground four times.

Over his entire career, Jordan has been known to be an energetic player on and off the field. Sometimes it can cause him to get himself into trouble, even though his latest incident wasn’t anything egregious.