New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr was not in his top form Monday night against the Carolina Panthers but they came out on top anyway, 20-17, thanks in large part to their defense that kept Bryce Young and company in check.

Derek Carr, however, still rued his underwhelming performance, while giving props to New Orleans' stop unit, via the Saints' official website.

“That is a very big part of the reason why I came here. Any team that I talked to was a team with a defense. I played these guys. I knew Dennis Allen. I know what it is like and how difficult it is. All I want to do is win. So, I was like, shoot, if I can go there and have a day like today. Didn't play my best in the first half, come back, play good in the second half and win a game? Like I didn't have to be perfect for four quarters and we won. That is awesome.”

Derek Carr, who signed a four-year $150 million contract with the Saints last March, finished the game with 228 passing yards and zero touchdowns with an interception on 21-for-36 completions.

I don't like that still. We won, but I am still sick because I should have played better. I can help the offense more. I sit back and I am already analyzing it right? But to have that defense to hold us, keep us in there until we got clicking in the second half I mean it helped us win the football game.”

The Saints' defense recorded four sacks against Carolina and limited the Panthers down to only 239 total yards from scrimmage. They have only allowed 32 points so far this season, a good sign for New Orleans as it prepares for its next assignment in Week 3 versus the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.