The New Orleans Saints got a huge victory over the Carolina Panthers. A lot of Coach Dennis Allen's success was predicated on giving Bryce Young a hard time using his secondary. The team delivered and improved to a two-win record in NFL Week 2.

The Saints' secondary had a generational performance against the Panthers. Dennis Allen's squad has now allowed only 20 points or fewer in their last 10 games, per Saints PR. This was the first time that the streak has happened in franchise history and the team does not look like they are going to stop.

Bryce Young and his weapons had a terrible time against the Saints. He only got 153 passing yards compared to Derek Carr who 228. The Panthers collectively only had 239 yards earned for the whole game while the Saints got 341 total yards.

The Saints secondary only allowed 14 first downs which contained a lot of the Panthers' offense throughout the game. There was also a huge disparity in the team's first downs as Allen's squad only allowed 14 of them while they got 23. They also made the Panthers' third down efficiency suffer as Frank Reich and Young's offense only converted out of their 14 attempts throughout the whole game.

Coach Allen figured out how they could raise hell using their secondary in NFL Week 2 and hopes to keep it that way as the season goes by. They will get the chance to extend this hot streak against the Jordan Love-led Green Bay Packers in the third week of action. Will they be able to keep their pace?