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New Orleans breaks ugly 19-year-old record that will make Saints fans miss Drew Brees

Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, Sean Taylor, Saints

The New Orleans Saints are not having a good season. This was the first post-Drew Brees season, and they were looking to test a new quarterback Jameis Winston. However, injuries to Winston and his backup Taysom Hill have sent this franchise careening to the bottom of the league.

Their most recent loss to the Buffalo Bills saw them hit a rock bottom that will have Saints fans asking for Brees to come back. According to ESPN’s stats department, their six-point performance is the first time they’ve scored six points or less since 2002. That’s pretty brutal.

Brees retired after the end of the 2021 playoffs, retiring as arguably the Saints’ best player of all time. After his retirement, fans expected Jameis Winston to step up as the team’s new franchise quarterback, but a devastating injury to his knee ended his first full season as a starter in New Orleans. Despite Winston’s volatile playstyle, fans would definitely want him in games like this.

While fans would surely want Drew Brees back in a Saints uniform to save this season, the New Orleans legend isn’t inclined to come back to professional football. When asked about it right after Winston’s injury, he killed any rumors of a comeback.

“Brees seemed to laugh off the suggestion when Mike Tirico posed the question saying, “Let me check,” as he picked up his phone.

Brees then thoroughly shot down the idea.

“I’ll be there Saturday to call the Notre Dame-Navy game, and I’ll be here Sunday,” Brees said, indicating he planned to fulfill his new responsibilities as a broadcaster at NBC.”

Don’t worry Saints fans. The season will be over soon.