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Saints’ Sean Payton doesn’t intend to increase Alvin Kamara’s work load

Alvin Kamara, Sean Payton

With Mark Ingram not on the New Orleans Saints anymore, there have been some who have assumed that Alvin Kamara will see a bigger workload but coach Sean Payton doesn’t intend on that being the case.

Payton said the team has been really pleased with the balance the running game has had since Kamara came in the league and he doesn’t plan on changing much.

Per Mike Triplett in ESPN.com:

“It will be similar to what we’ve been seeing,” Payton said of Kamara’s expected usage. “We’ve been pleased with the balance we’ve had with him. We think it’s been a good count.”

Even with Ingram gone, the Saints signed Latavius Murray and they hope that he can at least take some of the reps that Ingram had.

“Look, is one player taking exactly Mark Ingram’s reps? I can’t tell you that right now,” Payton said. “And yet I think there’s that presumption that Alvin’s going to get more. And I think our pitch count and how we’ve played and utilized him has been really good.”

Last season when Ingram was suspended Kamara averaged 54 offensive snaps per game, but when Ingram was with the team he averaged only 38.5 snaps per game.

The team didn’t really have anyone besides Kamara to fill in when Ingram was out but this year they are prepared with Murray and others.

“As the season goes on, everybody else is starting to break down. That’s one of the benefits right there,” Saints running backs coach Joel Thomas said. “Keep him fresh, keep him rolling.”