Seahawks news: DK Metcalf trending toward playing in Week 1
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Seahawks rookie WR DK Metcalf trending toward playing in Week 1

DK Metcalf, Seahawks

DK Metcalf is one of the most anticipated players for the Seattle Seahawks. While it’s still not a sure thing he is in condition to play, the team’s hesitation to declare him unavailable for the season opener is giving the fans encouraging signs.

Joe Fann added fuel to the flame with his update on the wide receiver’s condition.

The Seahawks’ coaching staff would love to have Metcalf starting on time for the season opener. Metcalf is a huge target and would help Seattle’s passing offense.

The Seahawks were among the league’s worst in total passing yards. They only notched 3,093 yards. They also had the second-worst catches last season at 280. These numbers made Metcalf, who impressed at the NFL Combine with his 4.33 40-yard dash, an important pick for Pete Carroll.

Much is expected out of the Ole Miss wide receiver who completed 1,228 receiving yards on 67 receptions. Sam Penix sees him having a fantastic rookie season, already predicting that he will start Week 1.

However, plenty of analysts are careful with Metcalf’s availability for the team. Tyler Alsin of Field Gulls gives his two cents on the matter.

Reason one is fairly simple: he is an injury concern. Metcalf sustained separate season-ending injuries in 2016 (foot) and 2018 (neck). He has yet to gain any real momentum this year with various tweaks, and his ability to play the season opener remains unclear.

Reason two is more complex: he’s a rookie wide receiver, and though he is the type of receiver who can see early success in the NFL, it’s still very rare.
AJ Green serves as a reasonable comp here. Green is 6’4”, caught 65 targets his rookie year for 1,000 yards and the highest average in his career (16.3). He then improved in each of the following two seasons before starting to struggle with some injuries.

Alsin gives out good points, but it’s up to Metcalf to break those expectations. And if he does live up to the hype, the Seahawks are going to have a fantastic season ahead.