When Mike McCarthy decided to send out the punt unit late in Thursday night's game against the Seattle Seahawks, it caught some off guard, but Pete Carroll didn't mind and admitted after the game he was a bit relieved that is what the Green Bay Packers decided to do.

The Packers had the ball fourth-and-two on their own 33 with 4:20 left to play in the game. They only had one timeout remaining and the Seahawks had run the ball with very little problem all game.

“I was a little relieved,” Carroll told reporters after the 27-24 win via Pro Football Talk.  “I really did like that they punted the ball to us right there, because we knew we had a shot to kill the game if we could, and kill the clock, and we did it. The thing about that that’s important is our belief in the running game, and we get the ball in that situation. It was like, oh here we go, this is our time. It’s four-minute time. Thrilled to see that happen. The mentality that’s coming around in those guys up front and the runners and all that, it’s really important, it’s obviously really valuable too, and it’s great to see that happen.”

The Seahawks kept the ball on the ground and run out the clock to escape with a 27-24 victory. Everyone knows what Aaron Rodgers can do with the ball in his hands late in games, but this was just another game where he didn't get the chance to come away late with points.