Seahawks news: Pete Carroll confirms that Seattle had interest in Antonio Brown
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Pete Carroll confirms the Seahawks had interest in Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown, Seahawks

The New England Patriots weren’t the only team interested in Antonio Brown. Although Brown was only on the open market for a few hours before signing with New England, his agent Drew Rosenhaus has said he received a ton of inquiries.

Now we know who at least one of the teams interested was, as Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has confirmed that his team had interest in the controversial receiver, according to Jessamyn McIntyre.

“You can always count on us to do that,” Carroll said about inquiring.
The Patriots gave Brown a whopping $9 million signing bonus, which indicated right away that he likely had other suitors. 
It’s not surprising that teams would be interested even given all his antics since Brown is still so talented. Brown has made the Pro Bowl each of the last six years, and is one of the NFL’s best wideouts.
He is now joining an offense that just destroyed the Steelers on Sunday Night Football, and the Patriots’ unit now has a scary amount of weapons.
As for the Seahawks, their interest makes some sense given the injuries they’ve suffered to their receiving corp. They lost longtime top option Doug Baldwin to retirement this offseason, and drafted D.K. Metcalf to help replace him. Metcalf was banged up for most of camp, although he did play in Week 1.
David Moore, who was supposed to play a big role, will miss a good chunk of the regular season as he deals with a shoulder issue. Seattle has Tyler Lockett as their number one receiver currently, but not a ton of depth behind him.