The Seattle Seahawks are in an interesting situation right now as the franchise is in the middle of a potential rebuild. Of course, things can change quickly if the front office inquires for Jimmy Garoppolo, but that’s a different story. Seattle enters training camp with one glaring concern, as Pete Carroll provides a worrying update on Jamal Adams.

According to Michael-Shawn Dugar, the Seahawks head coach claims that Adams’ “hand just wasn’t right.” That’s not great news for a team who already has a rather depleted roster. To make matters worse, Carroll is not sure how long Jamal Adams will be out and isn’t sure whether or not he needs another surgery.

This isn’t great news for the Seahawks as Seattle can’t afford to lose any of their star players. Even so, fans don’t need to panic just yet. The medical staff will evaluate Jamal Adams’ hand for now and determine if he needs surgery. The best-case scenario is that Adams misses the preseason but is ready for the regular season. Worst case scenario is the star safety sits out for a long period of time.

Pete Carroll didn’t sound all that confident when discussing the injury but as of now, it’s too early to make any calls. Look for the Seahawks to do everything possible to help Jamal Adams get healthy. On top of that, there is a chance Adams plays with a club on his hand until it heals. That will reduce his chances of getting interceptions, but he’s much more of a downhill safety anyway.