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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stands by not going for it on fourth downs vs. Ravens

The Seattle Seahawks lost a tough game to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, dropping them to 5-2 after the 30-16 defeat. While the game was decided by more than just a handful of plays, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll received some criticisms after not going for a fourth down, which ended up resulting in a missed 53-yard field goal.

According to Carroll, the thought to go for it never crossed his mind.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Carroll was asked about the decision and whether he considered going for it. Carroll said that he hadn’t, and that the choices were always to either kick a field goal or punt.

“We’re kicking it. That’s what we do. That’s what our mentality’s going to be and there’s no reason to change,” he said, according to The Seattle Times’ Adam Jude.

At the time of the missed field goal, the score was still 13-13 in the third quarter, with the Seahawks having the ball at the Ravens 35-yard line. The missed kick was then followed by a Ravens touchdown drive, which gave them a lead they would not look back on. To make matters worse for Carroll, the Ravens touchdown drive ended when Lamar Jackson ran in an eight-yard touchdown on a fourth-and-two from the Seahawks’ eight-yard-line.

Of course, kicking a field goal isn’t always a bad thing in the NFL, but it does seem like more and more teams are beginning to take risks when it comes to how they call games. A fourth down isn’t guaranteed to be a punt or field goal anymore, and as teams like the Ravens are showing the world, good things can happen when you take a chance.