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Seahawks’ Pete Carroll took shirt off in combine meeting with D.K. Metcalf

Pete Carroll, Seahawks

D.K. Metcalf hasn’t ever been afraid to take his shirt off and evidently, his confidence also made Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll follow suit. Before Metcalf was drafted by the Seahawks there were interviews with the Ole Miss wide receiver, and he took a different turn when he met with the team.

Before heading into the meeting with coach Carroll, general manager John Schneider and others Metcalf was dared by Seahawks scout Aaron Hineline to walk into the meeting with his shirt off.

“Aaron got him to take his shirt off before he went into interview at the Crowne Plaza. It was pretty funny,” Schneider said, via quotes from the team website.

So what does a 67-year-old coach do when a prospect walks into an interview with a shirt off? For Carroll the answer was easy, he also took his shirt off.

“I was surprised that he came into our interview with his shirt off,” Carroll said. “I’m serious. He came in with his shirt off, and it kind of pissed me off, so I took my shirt off, too. Not for long, though.”

The Seahawks must have been impressed in what they heard in that interview because they traded a 4th round pick to the New England Patriots to get him.

Metcalf impressed everyone with his 4.33 40 yard dash team but in some of the agility drills he struggled and that could have played into his fall down the draft board.

The big question now is will Carroll and Metcalf workout together shirtless?