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Seahawks star Russell Wilson’s new cleats feature artwork depicting Breonna Taylor, George Floyd

Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has been one of the more vocal voices in the NFL when it comes to racial injustice. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Wilson created new cleats that depict the likenesses of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Of course, Taylor and Floyd both unfortunately died at the hands of the police. Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment by police despite not committing a crime. Floyd died in the custody of the police after an officer knelt on his neck and suffocated him.

When both deaths occurred, there were outcries by players in the NFL, including from Wilson. Back in June, the Seahawks superstar posted an emotional tweet, calling for changes to occur in today’s society. He also called for everyone to do their part in ending racism after watching the tragic video of Floyd’s death.

Wilson, an African-American quarterback in the NFL, understands that we can’t allow the names of the victims of racial injustice to be forgotten. Given that, Wilson is going to be wearing cleats that display the faces of Taylor and Floyd this week.

Before the season began, the NFL stated that players could wear the names of racial injustice victims on their helmets. Also, in Week 1, there were players who knelt or locked arms in unity during the playing of the national anthem.

While he’s become a superstar quarterback for the Seahawks, Wilson hasn’t shied away from voicing his emotions when it comes to racial issues. And on Sunday, he’ll make sure to wear the faces of those who were unjustly treated wrong on his cleats when Seattle faces the New York Giants.