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Russell Wilson’s new Seahawks teammate throws shade at Jared Goff

Seahawks, Russell Wilson, Gerald Everett

The Seattle Seahawks added a new tight end in Gerald Everett. Everett spent his previous couple of seasons with the Los Angeles Rams and was catching passes from Jared Goff. Now, Everett is benefiting from Russell Wilson, one of the best quarterbacks in the game, and the tight end is poised for a huge season.

As it turns out, Everett subtly threw some shade at Goff while praising Wilson at the same time. (h/t Adam Jude of The Seattle Times)

“I mean, this is the first time in my career playing with a quarterback of his caliber…I really want to take advantage of this opportunity, whether I’m here for the short term or long term.”

That is both an honor to Wilson and a subtle jab to Goff. However, it is no secret that Wilson is on another tier of quarterbacks than Goff is, so certainly no hard feelings either way.

The Seahawks look primed for a huge year and the Wilson-Everett pairing is going to be a fun one to watch. The Seahawks quarterback also spoke highly of Everett.

“He just finds a way to make plays. He’s been exceptional for us, and I’ve got great confidence in him.”

The regular season is set to kick-off, and Wilson and Everett should be in line for a few scores this season, at least.