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Seahawks let Russell Wilson call plays in last preseason game

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson didn’t play in the teams last preseason game but he was still busy calling plays. Wilson took over the play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer during the second quarter for a couple of drives and even led the team on a touchdown drive.

“I was ready, I was thinking, ‘let’s go.’ He told me in the second quarter at some point I could call plays,” Wilson said on Thursday via Pro Football Talk.

Wilson said the best part of the experience besides calling the touchdown play was hearing how the coaches actually communicate during the game. It’s constant communication between coaches and that’s something a lot of people don’t realize.

“The cool part is listening to the coaches,” he said. “I just have my headset on, so me and Schotty are usually talking, or I’m talking to him on the sideline or whatever that may be. But to hear all the other coaches talking and communicating on the headsets and all that, and me being able to say, “hey we’re going to do this here,” or “we’re going to look for Jazz here. Just communicate what we’re looking for, it was fun, it was a cool experience. To throw a touchdown on my first OC experience was pretty cool, so it was awesome.”

After that unique experience, Wilson’s focus now turns to actually playing football and leading the Seahawks to wins. But maybe once his career is over the next step will be calling plays for an NFL team.