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Seahawks release Josh Gordon as he eyes reunion with Johnny Manziel

Seahawks, Josh Gordon, Johnny Manziel, Browns

The Seattle Seahawks have parted ways with wide receiver Josh Gordon after a long and winding saga.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported Thursday the Seahawks released the troubled receiver, who is apparently hoping to join former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and the Zappers in Fan Controlled Football.

Gordon was suspended indefinitely for a second time in January after the NFL revoked his conditional reinstatement.

The former All-Pro appeared to relapse in December, less than a week before he was supposed to be reinstated after the first indefinite suspension. Gordon had a chance of returning in Week 16 against the Los Angeles Rams, but the Seahawks were told he failed to abide by the terms of his conditional reinstatement. He was not allowed to practice or play until the NFL reached a decision, which was ultimately the second indefinite suspension.

Gordon’s NFL career is all but over. But he can now turn his attention to Fan Controlled Football.

Fan Controlled Football was first founded in 2017. It is an indoor league meant to prioritize fan engagement and an interactive platform. There are currently four teams, one of which (Zappers) rosters Manziel.

Gordon reportedly signed a deal with FCF this past weekend, and will need to go through a quarantine period before he is allowed to take the field.

“Flash” and Manziel were teammates with the Browns in 2014 and 2015, though Gordon played just five games in 2014 and was suspended for all of 2015. Perhaps he and “Johnny Football” can stir up some new magic in FCF after his Seahawks release.