Seahawks rumors: Seattle offered Jadeveon Clowney one-year deal
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RUMOR: Seahawks offered Jadeveon Clowney one-year deal worth $15 million

Jadeveon Clowney, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks offered Jadeveon Clowney a one-year deal worth $15 million earlier this offseason, but that wasn’t enough to get him to sign on the dotted line. Heading into the offseason it was reported that Clowney was looking for $20 million a year, and right now it appears that he is holding out for that number.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Seahawks offered Clowney $15 million, and they were under the impression that the Browns offered at least $3 million more:

“My understanding is the Seahawks have been in the range of $15 million on a one-year deal for Jadeveon Clowney,” Florio said on 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes vs. The World. “The Seahawks have been led to believe that the Browns offered 18 (million), and he has yet to take that.

“I don’t know what he wants. With him, it comes down to getting a number that he’s happy with.”

Jadeveon Clowney clearly still has a magic number in mind and it’s clear at this point he either hasn’t received it or hasn’t received it from a team that he wants to play for.

Clowney had a down year during the 2019 season, but his injuries impacted his play. He is expected to be 100 percent healthy for the 2002 season, and when healthy, he is one of the better defenders in the NFL.

The big question surrounding Clowney heading into the season is whether a team offers him what he wants, or if he is going to have lower his asking price by a couple million to get a deal done.