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Sean O’Malley drops massive truth bomb on Dominick Cruz

UFC, Sean O'Malley, Dominick Cruz

Sean O’Malley has fired some shots at Dominick Cruz ahead of UFC 269. Both men are set to compete on the card but they’re in very different spots.

Sean O’Malley recently spoke with The Schmo and gave his take on Dominick Cruz at UFC 269. He believes the former champion made a mistake.

“[Cruz] messed up.” O’Malley said. “I called him and Pedro Munhoz [out] and now they’re on the prelims.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter. They’re gonna get paid the same, whether they’re on the main card or the prelims. I’m gonna get paid the same whether I’m opening up the main card or the prelims. So, as far as making money wise, it doesn’t really matter. We’re getting paid the same.”

Sean O’Malley made sure to fire extra shots at the former UFC champion over his placement on the card. ‘Suga’ finds himself on the main card while the former champion is on the prelims.

“But for your ego, that’s gotta hurt. We’re talking about one of the best bantamweights ever and you’re on the prelims. I don’t even know if he’s headlining the prelims. Prelim Pedro vs. Dominick, it just makes sense down there. I haven’t talked to anyone that’s super excited for that fight.”

Sean O’Malley has tried to fight Dominick Cruz in the past and has pushed for the former champion, even now, there’s still interest. ‘Suga’ has an opportunity at UFC 269 and it will be interesting to see if it ever leads to a fight with Cruz.