Selena Gomez is more than ready for her next era. While there were rumors swirling that she was about to end her music career after her last album, she debunked the gossip in her latest interview.

“I think objectively, I would like to say that I am working towards an album, but I don’t know if those songs would be on that project,” she told Billboard in an interview published on Monday (March 4). “I feel like I’m brewing, and I’m in the process of really creating some great songs, hopefully. I don’t know if they would fit with what I’m gonna go with.”

“I love being able to take roles that I have to fight for, not the ones that are being handed to me,” she added. “I’m going for the stuff that really, really inspires me.”

Selena Gomez's Life With Boyfriend Benny Blanco

Gomez made her relationship with producer bench Blanco back in December 2023. A source added per Us Weekly that the producer is getting acclimated to the close ones in her circle as well.

“Selena has made it clear that she wants Benny by her side from now on, and she’s proudly introducing him to everyone in her life,” the insider said. “They kept things low-key [at first], but Benny has passed every test with flying colors. The new year seemed like a perfect time to essentially shout [their love] from the rooftops, so that’s what Selena is doing.”

She has since made it known how much she cares about him and what he means to her in recent months. In an interview with Zane Lowe, the “Love On” singer says she feels the “safest” with Blanco.

“Without getting into too much detail, I think it's just really important to meet someone that respects you,” the singer explained. “And I think it's really nice to also lean on someone who understands the world that I live in. But I'd have to say overall it's the safest that I feel and it's been really lovely and I've only grown through it, so it's awesome.”

Feeling safe in certain rooms especially in a work environment is not the easiest for Gomez. However she is able to take it in strides and has found a balance on what she feels comfortable with.

“But I find that when I work with new people, it's actually really fun to connect on what they're walking through in life,” she said.