The Ottawa Senators appear likely to be the next NHL franchise put up for sale and early reports have linked the organization with an A-list buyer. According to PEOPLE, Ryan Reynolds has reportedly expressed interest in purchasing the Senators should the Melnyk family go through with the decision to sell the franchise.

Initial reports of a potential sale of the Ottawa Senators emerged back in March of 2022 following the death of Eugene Melnyk. After reports re-surfaced earlier in the week that the Melnyk family was mulling a potential sale of the Senators, potential buyers began getting their names floated. Among those was the A-list Canadian actor, who could potentially join forces with a group to buy the organization.


“Beyond the business opportunity, it is important to Reynolds the team stay in Ottawa, as a sale could result in relocation.”

Reynolds has experience in the ownership of sports franchises. He recently purchased the English football club Wrexham AFC alongside It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney. The team is also the subject of a docuseries on Hulu.

Earlier in the week, Reynolds was asked about the prospect of buying the Senators on Twitter, to which he gave an intriguing one-emoji response, further fueling the speculation that he could be looking to join an ownership group and make a bid for the franchise.

Ryan Reynolds, 46, is a Vancouver, Canada native. The Senators are currently valued, according to Sportico, at $655 million. That figure would make them the 27th most-valuable franchise in the NHL (or the fifth least valuable). However, there have been discussions for a new stadium to be built in Ottawa, which could drastically increase the value of the franchise if those plans are approved.