The first four episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have revolved mostly around Jennifer Walters' transition from being a meek lawyer to a super-powered individual oozing with confidence. This week's installment, though, is one Marvel fans should keep an eye out for. Take a look at this She-Hulk episode 5 ending explained to shed more light on what really happened here.

She-Hulk episode 5 ending explained

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This week's episode starts where the last one left off – with Jennifer Walters handling Titania's trademark case against her for using She-Hulk as her name. She encounters several advertisements that involve Titania's use of the said name to promote her brand, a detail that causes her annoyance. To drive the point further, Ched bursts into Jennifer's apartment and confuses the She-Hulk merch he has with his cousin.

Nikki then accompanies Jennifer to visit one of Titania's stores that centers around the She-Hulk persona. She speaks to the influencer and asks her to stop using her alter-ego. Back in the office, Jennifer tells Nikki that she doesn't care about the She-Hulk name, but obviously lies about it. Outside her office, Pug asks Nikki to accompany him to a sneaker launch. In turn, Jennifer's best friend and assistant, asks if he knows anyone who can do custom clothing for super-powered individuals like Jennifer.

Pug and Nikki then proceed to a boba cafe to visit Luke Jacobson, an individual specializing in creating superhero clothing. The pair secure an appointment for Jennifer after they lie about an Avenger giving them a referral.

Back in Holden Holliway's office, Jennifer explains to her boss that Titania has obtained the trademark to She-Hulk and promises to fix this mess. Holliway, instead, passes the case to Mallory Book, a fellow lawyer working in the same firm.

Jennifer then appears before a court to testify her case against Titania. Mallory presents a strong case against the influencer while the opposing camp says that Jennifer wasn't even interested in the She-Hulk identity. Mallory and Jennifer get the judge to give them more time to establish their case. Meanwhile, Nikki and Jennifer visit Luke and get him to create a costume for the super-powered lawyer.

After stopping by Luke's place, Jennifer meets Todd, one of her disaster dates from before, speaking to Mallory. The pair then get lunch and come up with a strategy of winning the case – by calling She-Hulk's former dates as witnesses to establish that she used the name before Titania.

Over in the courthouse, Mallory uses She-Hulk's social dating app profile and calls her former dates. Shortly after, the judge rules in favor of Jennifer and asks Titania to cease using the She-Hulk name. The influencer threatens Jennifer before leaving. For her part, Mallory accepts an invitation from Jennifer to get some drinks at a bar.

The pair then bond over their dating experience. After that, Jennifer goes back to Luke to see how her suit is. She tries one and ends up with her own superhero costume. Before the episode ends, a teaser of Daredevil's yellow helmet is seen.

What just happened? A She-Hulk episode 5 recap

She-Hulk's episode this week revolves mainly around her feud with Titania. Although the battle doesn't have any fistfight in it, the primary confrontation was fought inside the courtroom. After setting up the conflict in episode four, the way is paved for Jennifer to fully own the She-Hulk name. Plus, the prospect of having her own superhero costume is also finalized and it may be seen in the following weeks.

Perhaps the most important part of the episode happens during the final seconds when Daredevil's updated helmet is seen. It resembles the same design used in the Netflix series but this one is painted yellow instead of red. This can potentially mean that Charlie Cox's long-awaited guest appearance is going to happen soon. Until then, it remains to be seen how Marvel is going to pull that feat off.