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Should you pull for Albedo in Genshin Impact? Is Albedo worth it?

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As everyone has anticipated, it’s finally confirmed that Albedo arrives in an Event Wish banner in the upcoming version 2.3. As the Geo-centric patch looms over the horizon, Albedo’s banner poses a dilemma for players who are interested in Geo teams: Do they pull for Albedo, who is a well-rounded sub-DPS support, or do they pull for the upcoming Itto, a unique main DPS with great damage and defenses? If you’re one of those, this article will guide you on your decision whether to pull for our mysterious alchemist or not.

Why you should pull for Albedo

Albedo is a character who has been underrated for a very long time, ever since the time he was released. A lot of players think that he only fits in Geo comps, or that his abilities don’t do that much damage for a sub-DPS. These notions are common misconceptions regarding Albedo, since he scales very differently from most characters in Genshin Impact. ATK is a dead stat for Albedo, and the way to build him is to stack as much DEF and Geo DMG Bonus as possible, along with maintaining a decent Crit Rate/DMG ratio. A cheap 3-star weapon, Harbinger of Dawn, used to be the best choice for this build, but the new upcoming weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle, is now the catalyst to his rise as an amazing off-field DPS. 

Really, it’s the new additions in version 2.3 that will make Albedo one of the best off-field DPS characters in the game. The Cinnabar Spindle provides a massive 69% DEF bonus, along with an additional 80% of DEF bonus to his Transient Blossoms, which is his main source of damage. The Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set also magnifies his damage by adding an amazing 54% defense, and a well appreciated 24% Geo DMG bonus.

Because Albedo’s Elemental Skill scales off of defense, and because it has permanent uptime even when he is not on the field, his presence easily adds a huge amount of damage for your team. No skill required.

Here are more reasons why you should pull for Albedo:

  1. You need another Geo for your Geo teams.
  2. You do not plan to pull for Itto, or other upcoming characters, like Ganyu.
  3. You like Albedo’s character and/or gameplay.
  4. You want a flexible DPS support that can fit in almost any team.

Why You Should Skip Pulling for Albedo

Albedo will be an amazing character starting in version 2.3, but he has glaring flaws that could be a deal-breaker for some players. 

First of all, being a Geo DPS support makes him incompatible with Perma-Freeze teams, especially Morgana teams. His Crystallize reactions shatter frozen enemies, which reduces the potential Crit Rate and Mona’s Omen Buff against such foes. 

The ‘flower’ of his Elemental Skill is also considered a Geo construct, which despawns when colliding against certain bosses, and is absolutely annoying whenever it happens. However, this problem has the potential to be fixed in future versions of the game. 

Here are few more reasons why you should skip pulling for Albedo:

  1. You do not like Albedo’s character and/or gameplay.
  2. You do not like Geo characters or compositions.
  3. You only have enough Primogems for either Albedo and Itto, but you prefer Itto’s main DPS play style. 
  4. You are saving for a future character, like Ganyu or Yae Miko.

Genshin Impact version 2.3 has a lot in-store for Geo players, so be mindful of who you’ll be picking. We hope this guide has helped you in making a decision, and good luck with your second ascent to Dragonspine!