Yelan is the latest hot topic in the Genshin Impact community, but is the Hydro Bow user actually worth pulling for?

If you’ve been hanging around the Genshin Community for quite some while, you might already know that a certain character coming in Genshin Impact version 2.7 holds immense potential. In the next version update, Hoyoverse will release Yelan as a wishable character, and will pose a very important question for veteran and newer players alike: Is Yelan good? Or is she worth pulling for?

Why You Should Pull for Yelan

It’s probably an understatement to say that Yelan is a very good character. In fact, she is actually a must-pull. This owes to Yelan’s abilities and roles being extremely similar to Xingqiu, who has been a staple of many meta teams for a very long time. The two characters also share the same mechanics like coordinated attacks and elemental gauges, which makes our predictions for Yelan quite reliable.

The big difference is that Yelan uses a bow, which allows her to equip more supportive weapons to help the whole team. One example is the Elegy of the End, which is top tier for supporting Elemental Reaction teams, where she fits in very well. 

All of Yelan’s abilities also scale from HP, which makes scaling her easier than other sub-DPS characters. She has great baseline stats, and a rare Crit Rate ascension attribute that helps a lot for finding a good Crit ratio. Overall, she is a powerful character even at medium investment and no constellations – making her an ideal pick for those looking to upgrade but don't quite have enough Primogems to go full-constellation on a 5-Star.

Here are more reasons why Yelan is worth your hard-earned Primogems:

  1. You like Yelan’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You need another “Xingqiu” for the Spiral Abyss.
  3. You like to obtain characters that perform well in the meta.
  4. You’ve missed out on the previous banners and need a good Hydro support character.
  5. You want to check out Yelan’s overpowered 6th Constellation. 

Why you should skip this banner

For the average spender, there’s really no reason to skip Yelan’s immense potential. For F2P and dolphins, however, Yelan could be a trap especially when she doesn’t have a good team to support. If you don’t have Raiden and/or Hu Tao, you might have trouble putting Yelan anywhere, maybe except for the original 4-star National Team. In this case, it’s better to save your primogems on more universal supports like Kazuha or Zhongli, or strong upcoming DPS characters like Xiao or Itto

There really aren’t many reasons to skip Yelan’s banner, but here are a couple if you need more persuasion:

  1. You don’t like Yelan’s design and/or gameplay.
  2. You don’t like playing with bow-wielding characters.
  3. You think Xingqiu is already enough for all your needs.
  4. You prefer teams with hyper carries and not those relying on heavy Elemental Reactions.


Yelan is a very popular character but is essentially a 5-Star version of Xingqiu. For most cases and team composition builds, Xingqiu already serves her purpose and the team comp is strong enough to not necessitate the upgrade. If you're strapped on Fates and Primogems and you already have a Xingqiu anyway, there won't be any more need to pull for her. But if Yelan is someone you really want to pull for and add to your roster, then feel free to do so.

That wraps up our coverage of Yelan, the newest 5-Star to arrive on Genshin Impact. Watch out for the official Special Program Livestream happening today on the official Genshin Impact channels.