Riot Games decided to suspend sinatraa from the VALORANT Champions Tour, pending internal investigation. This followed a sexual assault allegation by his ex-girlfriend, Cleo “Cle0h” Hernandez yesterday.


Last March 10, Cleo “Cle0h” Hernandez revealed that she experienced sexual assault at the hands of VALORANT pro player and former Overwatch League (OWL) MVP sinatraa, her ex-boyfriend. Through a lengthy document, Cle0h recounted her experience being under an abusive relationship with sinatraa. She told her side of her story in graphic detail, so be forewarned before reading the document.

“He's too established for me saying he harmed me to do any real damage,” says Cle0h in her closing statements. “I just don't want to keep this secret for him for any longer. Up until now I was doing him the favor of keeping my mouth shut and allowing him to say whatever he wanted about me. But I don't want to do that anymore.”

Cle0h's statements met an outpour of support from community members, applauding her bravery and courage to speak up. However, there have also been those who denied her claims, siding with sinatraa instead. As of the moment, Cle0h claims that Riot has not approached her yet to talk to her about their investigation.

Meanwhile, sinatraa denies the allegations but agreed to cooperate with the investigation on him. “I am fully cooperating with the investigations and providing the full audio and video clips Cleo referenced in her post.”

In response to the allegations, Blizzard's OWL started offering refunds for the skin made in sinatraa's honor for becoming the OWL MVP back in 2019.

As for the upcoming Masters, sinatraa will not be playing with his team in the meantime. He will remain on the bench of the Sentinels while investigations are taking place. Meanwhile, according to sinatraa's teammates, Sentinel will be playing with a sub for the moment. Exactly who the sub will be remains unconfirmed.