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Ben Simmons ‘already knew’ ex-Cavs’ LeBron James would pick Lakers

Ben Simmons, LeBron James, Cavs, Lakers

Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons and now Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James not only share the same similarities on the court, but also the same agency Klutch Sports Group. Because of this, Simmons knew better than most already where James was headed during his free agency decision this summer, as he swapped a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey for a Los Angeles Lakers one via NBA Australia.

“I spoke to him before he actually decided, but I just had a feeling that he’d already picked so it was kinda funny, I was reaching out to him but I already knew.”

Simmons and James have understandably been compared to each other, as their games have eerie similarities at times. Both are pass-first stars who like to get their team involved, both can do multiple things on the floor, both are versatile, both are long and athletic and both can put up a monster triple-double on any given night.

The only difference in their games besides experience right now is James’ ability to score the basketball. It’s unknown whether Simmons can reach the height of James in that respect, as the four-time MVP is considerably better than his younger counterpart in every facet of shooting and scoring the ball, but Simmons will no doubt improve in that area as he develops as well.

When the two playmakers played against one another last campaign, the duels were fantastic, as both players went at each other when matched up. James’ Cavaliers went on to reach the NBA Finals whilst Simmons led the 76ers to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals where they fell to the Boston Celtics.

Unfortunately, the pair won’t face off against each other much next campaign as James switched over to the Western Conference. Nevertheless, Simmons will continue to learn off the master and James will always be there to guide the young star in his quest for greatness.