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Ben Simmons for Jamal Murray trade with Sixers ripped to shreds by Nuggets exec

Jamal Murray Ben Simmons trade Sixers Nuggets 76ers

As the Philadelphia 76ers have kicked Ben Simmons trade talks into overdrive, the Denver Nuggets have reportedly emerged as a “sleeper” candidate.

That’s according to NBA insider Sam Amico:

But it seems as though the Nuggets brass themselves aren’t aware of their own involvement in the matter. According to Matt Moore aka Hardwood Paroxysm, the rumors have been met with “general confusion.” A Nuggets executive even took a shot at the Sixers star in the process when asked if a deal involving Jamal Murray is being discussed.

“Not sure if that’s more insulting to Jamal or us to be honest,” said the Nuggets executive.

Trading Murray to the Sixers for Simmons doesn’t exactly make a ton of sense for the Nuggets. They definitely felt they were capable of winning the Western Conference last season had their star guard did not fall to injury. Trading Murray, who has developed great chemistry with frontman Nikola Jokic, seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Although Simmons would be a massive defensive improvement for the Nuggets, his offensive skill set doesn’t mesh at all with Jokic. He wouldn’t be able to space the floor for him and needs the ball in his hands to create plays.

The Sixers are dead set on moving on from their All-Star. These next few weeks should be interesting to see what kind of trade package they can get in return. But more than likely, it won’t be including Murray.