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Ben Simmons question draws hilarious response from Sixers coach Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers Ben Simmons Sixers 76ers

Ben Simmons has been marching to the beat of his own drum all offseason long. His latest decision to just show up and rejoin the Philadelphia 76ers caught many off guard, apparently including head coach Doc Rivers.

Rivers was asked about Simmons’ return and whether he’ll be an immediate participant at practice. The Sixers coach sounded as clueless as the common fan, joking that he gets his news off of Twitter just like everybody else.

“Yeah, I mean it sounds like it,” said the Sixers coach. “I think he did his Covid tests today from reports from Woj. Imma call Woj to find out what’s going on. But yeah, it seems like it which is good.”


Judging by the previous reports, Rivers might not even be kidding that he gets his news from Adrian Wojnarowski just like the rest of us.

The Ben Simmons trade saga sure took an unexpected turn given that all signs pointed to a mutual parting of ways. Perhaps this reconciliation is only temporary to serve as a smokescreen to recoup some trade value?

How the Sixers look on opening night will be something to watch out for. But safe to say the Ben Simmons speculation is far from over.