Sixers news: Donovan Mitchell loved Ben Simmons getting roasted at ESPYs
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Sixers’ Ben Simmons gets roasted at ESPYS, and Donovan Mitchell loved it

Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell

The 2018 ESPYs was hosted by racer Danica Patrick, who had her highs and lows on the stage. She drew crickets and groans when she made LeBron James and his hairline a punchline, but she brought the house down when she roasted J.R. Smith for that one blunder he committed in Game 1 of this year’s NBA Finals series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

James and Smith, however, were not the only comedic subjects of Patrick, who also went on to take digs at Tiger Woods and even at herself, making fun of their shared lack of success of late in their respective disciplines. Also, the NASCAR driver also razzed NBA Rookie of the Year Award winner Ben Simmons, which was not that hard to do since the Sixers’ rookie is dating a Kardashian.

Kawhi Leonard went to the Raptors, Dwight Howard went to the Wizards, and Ben Simmons went to the Kardashians.”

The crowd loved that bit, including, well, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell, Simmons’ fierce rival for that bitterly contested Rookie of the Year award. Mitchell can be seen trying to suppress a giggle.

Speaking of Donovan Mitchell, the ESPYs did not end without him getting to the stage unlike in the NBA Awards last month in Santa Monica, as the Jazz scoring machine won the 2018 ESPYS Best Breakthrough Athlete award.