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VIDEO: Sixers’ Ben Simmons saves Joel Embiid from Shaqtin’ a Fool with epic dunk

Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid would have found himself in Shaqtin’ a Fool had it not been for his Sixers teammate Ben Simmons.

On Friday in Game 3 of their second-round series with the Atlanta Hawks, Embiid was tripled-teamed near the rim. Of course, he wasn’t able to get a shot up properly and forced himself to hoist the ball. While the ball was far from the rim as it started to fall, Simmons had the presence of mind to catch it mid-air and throw it down.

As such, instead of an embarrassing result, the play turned out to be a highlight reel material. It even counted as an assist for Embiid!

A lot has been said about Ben Simmons’ shooting and his inability to make his free-throws consistently. An anonymous former NBA coach even said that he will be the downfall of the Sixers.

As problematic as that may seem, there is no doubt that the Australian playmaker remains an important piece for the Sixers. He more than  makes up for his lack of shooting with his playmaking and finishing ability on the rim.

As Doc Rivers said time and time again, he couldn’t care less about Simmons’ shooting as long as he does his job on other areas of the floor for the Sixers.

Sure enough, after that brilliant save, Joel Embiid  wouldn’t mind Simmons’ woes.