Sixers news: Brett Brown highlights Ben Simmons' defense over developing a jumper
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Sixers’ Brett Brown highlights Ben Simmons’ defense over developing a jumper


Pundits have been criticizing Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons for his lack of a jumper. The former no. 1 overall has put in the work this summer to develop his shot. While the results of his work have looked encouraging so far, Sixers coach Brett Brown believes that defense is where Simmons could eventually thrive most.

Via Ky Carlin of USA Today:

I will say, and maybe you don’t agree, but I’ll say it, this still isn’t ‘the thing.’ It’s hugely important, we understand that, especially in April, May and June and we have to set the stage, but where I see the world with him is I think he can be the best defensive player in the NBA.

Simmons has gone on record of wanting to be the best defensive player on the Sixers.

The All-Star guard has already established himself as one of the best defenders in the league. His unique combination of size, length, and athleticism makes him one of the most versatile defenders in the league.

Simmons can pretty much guard all five positions, depending on the match-up. His lateral quickness and foot speed allows him to defend smaller guards on the perimeter. Likewise, his size and strength makes him capable of defending bigger wings and small-ball bigs as well.

Sure, the desirable development that fans would love to see out of Simmons is for him to showcase a working jumper. However, even if he does show a sliver of progress, he is still a long way from being considered a marksman.

By focusing on his play on the other side of the ball, Simmons could carve out a niche for himself as a top-notch defender, and establish himself as one of the best two-way superstars in the game.