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Sixers’ Danny Green injury update is concerning before potential matchup vs Nets

Sixers, Danny Green, Nets

The Philadelphia 76ers are in good shape in their series against the Atlanta Hawks, but if they meet the Brooklyn Nets in a possible East finals clash, the Sixers won’t have Danny Green for at least three games if not more.

The Sixers learned on Saturday that Green will miss a minimum of at least two weeks with a calf strain. That timetable would mean that if Philadelphia advances to the Eastern Conference finals — most likely against the Nets — Green would not be able to play until at least Saturday, June 26. 

Assuming that minimum two-week timetable is accurate, the only way Danny Green wouldn’t miss at least three games in a possible East finals for the Sixers against the Nets is if one of the two East semifinal series went to a Game 7.

If one of the two East semis goes seven games, Game 1 of the East finals would be no earlier than Tuesday, June 22. That might put (if the schedule allows) Game 3 of a Sixers-Nets series on June 26 in Brooklyn. Green could play that night at the end of a two-week timetable. However, if Game 1 of Sixers-Nets is on Sunday, June 20 — meaning that both East semifinal series end in six games or fewer — Danny Green would miss at least three games of the series.

If Danny Green’s recovery timetable is three weeks instead of two, you can do the math. He would definitely miss at least five games of a possible Sixers-Nets series if it takes him three weeks to recover. He would probably miss six games, and he might even miss the whole series.

The Sixers need Danny Green versus the Nets if the two teams meet. Whereas the Bucks have a mediocre supporting cast which has not been able to expose aspects of Brooklyn’s defense, Green gives Philadelphia perimeter shooting which could certainly give the 76ers leverage.

Most of all, Danny Green gives the Sixers an elite defender. Green’s defense, far more than his offense, would be valuable versus the Nets if that is the East finals matchup. Philadelphia and coach Doc Rivers received a huge break when De’Andre Hunter of the Atlanta Hawks got injured. That absence has enabled Philly to hide Seth Curry on defense.

Against the Nets, it would be much harder to hide Seth Curry at the defensive end of the floor. Danny Green has to be on the floor to give the Sixers their preferred defensive lineup against Brooklyn’s scoring juggernaut.

We don’t know if it will take Green two or three weeks to heal, but we know this much: The Sixers badly want the Bucks to extend the Nets to a Game 7.