Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey just started off his summer in style by dropping a ton of coins to purchase a very rare Ben Simmons Moment on NBA Top Shot. On Monday, Morey paid a whopping $4,444 to snag one of the most expensive collectibles under Simmons' name in the NBA Top Shot Marketplace.

Now that's a boss move, Mr. Morey (via Packrip Ewing):

For context, the Holo Icon is one of the most elusive sets in the NFT platform. It falls under the third-and-uppermost tier of digital cards or Moments which makes them the most scarce (and expensive).

This particular Ben Simmons Moment was actually a Challenge Reward meaning it was never sold on packs. Only 28 collectors were able to accomplish that Challenge and were rewarded by this collectible which also means that only 28 of this will ever exist. And now, Morey is a proud owner of serial number 18/28. Currently, the floor for this Moment is at $5,825 and only nine are available for sale.

It's no surprise that Morey and Simmons have developed a special bond in their time together in the Sixers camp. And, now that the Simmons' name has once again been on the rumor mill as of late, Morey has naturally been linked to all the gossips.

Should we read into this recent move from Daryl Morey amid all these Ben Simmons trade rumors? Probably not. This is just a 48-year-old executive having fun and further dipping his feet in this crazy NFT space. Chill out, everyone.