PHILADELPHIA – Joel Embiid has had a lot of great games. All the 50-point nights and triple-doubles have nothing on the Philadelphia 76ers superstar's latest game vs. the Utah Jazz. He led the Sixers to a win almost single-handedly by tallying an astonishing career-high of 59 points to go along with 11 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks.

Embiid truly could not be stopped. He hit pull-up midrange shots with ease, overpowered the Jazz's big men, dropped dimes to his teammates and smothered the Utah offense when he was on defense. Despite playing 40 minutes the previous night, Embiid had a performance for the ages.

With so many different ways to admire his all-around dominance, Embiid's favorite part of his unreal performance isn't what you would typically think. It wasn't all the scoring he did, nor all the blocked shots. It was his ability to take care of the ball after failing to do so to start the game.

“Zero turnovers in the second half,” Joel Embiid said when asked what his favorite moment of the night was. “I mean, when you have the ball in your hands and you're trying to be a playmaker and you're trying to score the ball, you're gonna turn the ball over. But in the first half, I had a couple of dumb turnovers. So, in the second half, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't speed myself and just take whatever the defense gave me. I'm just I'm happy about that. And then obviously, defensively, you know, since I've been back, I feel like I've been playing on another level on that end.”

Embiid's playmaking was a key part of the Sixers' win. The Jazz defense had no choice but to throw numerous bodies at him, so Embiid took advantage of it and got open shots for his teammates. After five turnovers in the first two quarters, the big man sharpened up and made the right reads constantly. The game really looked to slow down for him. Against a plucky Utah team full of good players, he delivered time and time again down the stretch of a close game.

The Sixers are now 7-7 on the season after the masterclass from Embiid.