Sixers news: Philly players offer suggestions on sparking energy to 'weird' Orlando 'bubble' atmosphere
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Sixers players offer suggestions on sparking energy to ‘weird’ Orlando ‘bubble’ atmosphere

Josh Richardson, Sixers

Players of the Philadelphia 76ers acknowledged how playing games in the bubble will be a totally different experience for them. Sixers rookie Matisse Thybulle recently expressed his concern about playing in empty arenas, but also pointed out what the team must do to address this potential issue.

According to Thybulle, the bench will play a crucial role in injecting some much needed energy into the ballgame:

“I think the first games will just be weird,” Thybulle said, via Noah Levick of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I think a lot of the energy that we’re used to getting from the fans will have to come from the bench. We have amazing guys on our team across the board so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. … I think with this, it’s going to be a cool challenge and it can also help us.”

Thybulle has come off the bench in 44 out of the 57 games he’s played in so far this season, so he understands the role that he will need to play not only as a player for the second unit, but as a cheerleader as well.

Sixers guard Josh Richardson echoed his teammate’s thoughts. For his part, Richardson also added that it’s not only going to be the bench guys, but the starters as well. In his mind, every single person on the team will need to come into the game with much more enthusiasm than they would in a “regular” game.

“I feel like that’s the same in a regular game … because teams can come out flat and there’s always got to be a guy or a few guys to get guys’ heads in the game or to rev everybody up a little bit,” he said. “I think we’ll definitely have to bring our own energy. It’s going to be like scrimmages, I guess, the whole time. … But I’ll be one of those guys trying to bring energy. I know (Kyle O’Quinn)’s going to be a big energy guy for us. So hopefully some guys will step up, get a little uncomfortable and be able to help us in a different way.”

It’s great how Richardson has already declared himself as one of the hype guys once the season officially restarts. There’s no denying that it’s going to be an unprecedented challenge, but one that players should eventually overcome with the help of a few vocal leaders on the squad.