The main objective of the game of basketball is to put the ball into the hoop, so how can someone like Philadelphia 76ers forward PJ Tucker manage to continue his lengthy career in the top league in the world? Even when put into perspective, the Sixers role player's recent streak of scoreless outings can be pretty confusing. especially when viewed from a points-to-minutes ratio perspective.

Against the Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night, Tucker played 37 minutes and scored zero points. It's the fourth straight game in which Tucker played at least 25 minutes without coughing up a single point. The Sixers beat Brooklyn, though, 115-106.

More from ESPN Stats & Info:

“P.J. Tucker played 37 minutes tonight, scoring zero points. It was his 4th straight scoreless game, giving him the longest streak of games with at least 25 minutes played and zero points scored since minutes were officially tracked in 1951-52.”

Tucker's scoreless outing in the Sixers win over Brooklyn was not without him trying at all to end his offensive slump. After recording a field goal attempt or fewer in the previous three Philly games, Tucker decided to be a little bit more aggressive against the Nets, but his shots just wouldn't fall. He finished the game going 0-for-6 from the floor.

Tucker knows his role on the Sixers and scoring is not ranked high on his marching orders, but even then, it's almost ridiculous to think that he's played over 130 minutes straight without a basket.

Basketball can be weird like that.

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The next chance for Tucker to get a bucket will be Wednesday night on the road versus the Charlotte Hornets.