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Stephen A. Smith predicts Sixers will make conference finals

Stephen A. Smith has never been shy about making bold predictions and on Monday morning’s edition of ESPN’s First Take he was at it again.

“I got an announcement to make to the United States and beyond…76ers are going to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Philadelphia 76ers will be one of the final four teams standing. They will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the conference finals….But let me say this ladies and gentlemen, the 76ers are for real.”

Although he said the 76ers would go to the Eastern Conference Finals he wouldn’t go any farther than that and say they would win the NBA Championship this year. For right now he is just sticking with his prediction that they will at least make the Eastern Conference Finals.

With the Boston Celtics losing Kyrie Irving for the rest of the season it really opened up the conference, especially for the 76ers.

The 76ers currently sit in the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference, and that will set up a second-round matchup with the Boston Celtics (assuming they both win their first-round matchups.)

If Stephen A’s prediction is right that would make for quite the finals. Watching the likes of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and LeBron James go at it for six or seven games would make for some great television. It also could be the last time that these three guys play against each other.

A lot of people feel that the 76ers have set themselves up best to land the King this offseason, and what a super team that would create.