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Stephen Curry tampering tweet gets Daryl Morey, Sixers $75,000 fine

76ers, Warriors, Stephen Curry, Daryl Morey

The Philadelphia 76ers and Daryl Morey just got slapped with a big-time fine after a social media post directed at Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. The Sixers and Morey were each slapped with a fine of $75,000 each, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic. 

A big fine for Philly and Morey, even though Morey insisted it wasn’t meant in that way.

It seems as if Morey was joking. After a huge performance from Seth Curry- the brother of Steph- he sent the tweet. Now, the fines have been handed down and Morey needs to think twice about doing such things in the future as the NBA clamps down on tampering across all the teams in the league.

The Sixers are getting ready to attempt to even the series against the Atlanta Hawks after losing Game 1 with a healthy Joel Embiid. Well, not entirely healthy, as Sixers head coach Doc Rivers voiced some concerns about Embiid amid his ongoing injury issues throughout his career.

Morey and the Sixers have no choice but to pay the fine, but they are surely focused on the midst of the NBA Playoffs and trying to find a way to stave off Trae Young and the upstart Hawks.