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Vegas weighs in on chances Bryan Colangelo survives Woodergate

Bryan Colangelo

If you can bet on what color of Gatorade a Super Bowl-winning head coach would get doused with, then it should not come as a big shock that sportsbooks are now offering a prop bet with regards to the fate of the embattled Bryan Colangelo, the Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations.

Bovada, which is one of the biggest online sportsbooks in the world, has rolled out the following odds, per NBC Sports.

Will Colangelo be the Sixers’ president of basketball operations for the 2018-19 NBA season?

Yes: +200 (2/1)

No: -300 (1/3)

As what those figures suggest, Bovada thinks that it’s likelier that Colangelo will get sacked. A $100 bet on the proposition that Colangelo will get removed from his current position would yield $200 in winnings if it does happen. Conversely, a $300 bet on the possibility of Colangelo keeping his job until at least next season could translate to just $100.

The Sixers are currently in the process of doing their own investigation in relation to Colangelo and his alleged link to the controversial set of burner Twitter accounts. It’s possible that it won’t take long for the Sixers to make their decision once their own inquiry is done, so those who bet on “Yes” should be monitoring the development closely on Twitter – ideally with their legitimate accounts.