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REPORT: Woj drops truth bomb on rumored Kyrie Irving for Ben Simmons trade

Sixers, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid

Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia. The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly open to the idea of trading Kyrie Irving amid his anti-vax stance. If you put two and two together, it only makes sense that both parties would at least explore a straight-up swap involving these two controversial superstars.

According to ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, however, an Irving-for-Simmons trade scenario isn’t happening anytime soon. Apparently, these two teams have had no contact about a potential swap:

It was earlier reported that Ben Simmons had a sit-down with Sixers brass that resulted in a bit of a truce between both parties. Nevertheless, it doesn’t sound like the former Rookie of the Year has had a sudden change of heart with regards to his desire to leave Philadelphia.

Irving on the other hand has pretty much been left hanging by the Nets. The team had no intention to support his anti-vax stance and has since told the All-Star point guard that he won’t be able to join the team unless he’s a “full participant.” As Woj reported above, Brooklyn has apparently taken calls from opposing teams with regards to a potential trade.

All things considered, an Irving-Simmons swap could actually work well for both the Nets and the Sixers. It would provide a fresh start for both players and for both organizations as well. Unfortunately, it looks like neither of the two teams is interested, though.