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Video: Joel Embiid really struggles to name ice cream flavors

Liberty Ballers columnist Adam Aaronson tweeted out a video of Joel Embiid struggling to list off different ice cream flavors, and it’s extremely funny.

Embiid is a goofy guy, and it’s just a bit surprising that he doesn’t know many ice-cream flavors. But he didn’t grow up in America and is still gaining knowledge in North American pop-culture.

The 76ers really like using Embiid in their promotional content. He’s a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, and he’s very relatable. They even used him earlier in the year in a video listing off colors with guard T.J. McConnell. It’s hard not to like Embiid

Embiid is hilarious and the 76ers should keep using his services to promote their team. Philadelphia has been one of the better teams in the East this season. After trading for Jimmy Butler, the team has started to develop a new identity. Embiid has had an impact as a defender, and having him, Butler, and Simmons on the floor really gives the team an offensive advantage as well.

The big man has an excellent post up game and is probably stronger than anyone in the league. He also has smooth touch at the rim and can occasionally hit from deep. Simmons is a dynamic ball-handler, and is super effective at the rim. Butler has been the veteran leader the team desperately needed, providing a much-needed off-ball threat for Simmons to be his best self.

The 76ers are now 30-17 on the season and sit in fourth place in the East. They will face off next against the San Antonio Spurs at home.